Anthony Scyld Ivens Berry was born on 28 April 1954 within a mile of Bramall Lane, Sheffield.

Scyld started as a cricket journalist in 1976. He has been cricket correspondent for the Observer, the Sunday Correspondent, the Independent on Sunday, the Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph. He has reported, to date, on 450 England Test matches - more than anyone else - including 20 Ashes series. His 450th match, in March 2018, saw him being given an award by the New Zealand captain, Kane Williamson.

Scyld was editor of the Wisden Cricketers' Almanack for 4 editions from 2008 to 2011.

Scyld has written several books: - 'Cricket Wallah' (1981), 'Train to Julia Creek' (1985), 'The Observer on Cricket' (Editor - 1987), 'A Cricket Odyssey' (1988), '100 Greatest Bowlers' (with Phil Edmonds - 1989), 'Cricket's Burning Passion' (2008) and 'Cricket: The Game of Life' (2016) which was short-listed for the Cricket Society/MCC Book of the Year.

On the field Scyld has taken five wickets in an innings in county cricket - for Gloucestershire Over-60s.

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