Patrick's father, Desmond Eagar, was born in Cheltenham, and educated at Cheltenham College. Before the war he played cricket for Gloucestershire, then after the war, for Hampshire.

Like his father, Patrick went to the College, where I first met him. My long-standing memory of Patrick, as a teenager, was the sight of him going to the makeshift darkroom, in the Quad, which he always seemed to book ahead of me.

Patrick was given his first camera, by his grandmother, when he was about 8 years old. Subsequently at Cambridge University, he worked on the student magazine, 'Varsity'.

Patrick’s first Test match photos were taken at Headingley, in 1965. After the rise in freelance photographers, he began to cover matches on a more regular basis, commencing with the 1972 Ashes in England.

Patrick’s career eventually extended to 325 Test matches, producing over half a million images. He retired in 2011, having sold his large portfolio of photographs. He reckoned that only Richie Benaud, and John Woodcock, had seen more Tests.

Imran Khan once said "I would only have my photograph taken by Patrick."

Patrick was awarded the 'Doug Gardner Award' at the British Sports Journalism Awards ceremony.

Patrick has written many books including: 'Summer of Speed - Fight for the Ashes 1982-83', and 'The Ashes in Focus 2005: The Greatest Ever Series in Pictures'.

Robin Andrews

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